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Hi! I’m Pheelaphong Thongsuk, with over 6 years of experience as a Full Stack Developer and computer scientist. I'm skilled in using Laravel, PHP, and Flutter to develop intricate, robust, and user-tailored web and mobile applications. I have successfully developed and maintained over 50 systems for various internal and external university departments, utilizing modern languages and development tools. Furthermore, I possess the ability to work collaboratively in a team and manage projects with clear communication, effective planning, and a continuous drive for self-improvement. I love learning new skills and tools, and I'm eager to turn grand ideas into reality through creativity and technological influence.

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I develop simple, intuitive and responsive user interface that helps users get things done with less effort and time with those technologies.


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I have been developing sites and apps for {{ experienceYears }} years and i know for sure the main trends and directions of modern design, I have been a visionary and a reliable software developer. You will get a decent result as you expect.


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